Praise for Torment:

“TORMENT features some genuinely scary moments and keeps the reader guessing if it’s a possession or a haunted house tale (or a combo of both)” – THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW


“(Chapman) maintains a grim atmosphere at the family mansion of decay and abandonment, that sort of makes you question your decision to read Torment after dark. – SCARYMINDS


Praise for The Noctuary:

“Here, Greg has created the infant seeds of a new mythology – and one that is rich enough for an encore performance.” – HELLNOTES


“If you love horror that is filled with some eerie twists and turns, this story really is for you. In fact, I highly recommend that you draw a warm fire and sit in your favorite chair with the lights down low.” – LITERARY PURSUITS


“I enjoyed this straight shot of creepy and twisted fiction. Mr. Chapman has a way with words that is akin to other writers that have made my skin crawl, and I mean that in a good way.” – MUST READ FASTER


“I’ve been a fan of the horror genre for a long time.  Maybe I should say practically since I was in diapers.  When you’re a fan that long, it’s hard to be impressed.  It takes a serious master of the genre to pull out all the stops and paint something really wicked.  That something wicked won’t make us fearful, nuh uh not us hardcore fans.  It’ll make us grin wickedly with delight and that’s exactly what I did as I read The Noctuary.” – THE TOP SHELF


“Both parts of the story were very well written, and show that Greg can write various types of horror stories, one being the creepy, boogeyman hiding in the closet type, and the almost scarier, dangerous human with no moral compass and their only pleasure is in the fear and pain they cause others.” – EBOOK OBSESSED


“Greg Chapman’s The Noctuary romped along like a particularly vivid nightmare keeping me happily engaged from first word to last.” – SCARYMINDS


Praise for Vaudeville

“The greatest hook with Vaudeville is probably its cavalcade feel – that sense of carnival tied with innocence whose roots are to be found in tales like Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes.” – HELLNOTES


Praise for The Last Night of October

“This novella solidifies the fact that I need to delve further into Mr. Chapman’s catalogue as I truly enjoyed every moment of “The Last Night of October”. It’s great anytime read and a perfect addition to my list of annual seasonal reads. Fit snugly between Norman Partridge’s “Dark Harvest” & Ray Bradbury’s “The Halloween Tree”. I will definitely be revisiting this. When the nights are murky, the wind is bellowing and the candle’s flame is flickering, I will answer the knock at the door. Check it out.” – HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE


“Not very often does a tale come along that breathes new life into the Halloween storyline. With THE LAST NIGHT OF OCTOBER, Greg has delivered a story that you will want to read again and again as you get ready for our favorite time of the year. Nothing gets me in the mood for the Halloween season more than a good Halloween story, this isn’t a good Halloween story, this is a great Halloween story.” – FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND


“The Last Night Of October sees author Greg Chapman delivering not only his best work to date but also arguably the best ghost story of 2013.” – SCARYMINDS


The Last Night of October” is a quick and hypnotizing Halloween yarn. Greg Chapman (author of Torment & The Noctuary) is a talented scribe and he does a fantastic job here. Providing rich imagery, thick tension and heartache throughout. He had me hanging on every word of this tale, illustrating and craftily weaving both the dark sense and youthful spirit of my favorite season. – HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE


Praise for Vaudeville and Other Nightmares

“Some of Chapman’s work disturbed me and left me feeling uncomfortable, which is not a feeling I usually like to embrace. Stories such as ‘Like Windows to the Soul’ and ‘Lost Lake’ numbered among these and made me realise that it is the function of good horror fiction to make its readers feel this way, particularly by elucidating the psyche of those people or characters whose heads we don’t like to inhabit. For those who are regular readers of horror, or those looking to dip their toe into the extensive pool of the genre, Vaudeville and Other Nightmares comes highly recommended as a great example of the breadth of horror writing. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the undercurrent of the other worlds that walk with us at this time of year.” SQ MAGAZINE


“No subject is off limits, no taboo is too great.  Chapman takes them all on.” – HORRIBLE BOOK REVIEWS


“Australian author Greg Chapman’s new short story collection features grotesque and horrific tales that touch upon darkest depths of human consciousness, 24 stories of loss and despair wrung from elemental terrors that plague us all. A boy grieving the loss of his parents’ self-inflicted deaths find solace and horror in the forest where his father hanged himself; the worst job interview ever; something terrible lurks beneath an ice-locked lake; a world without parental interference is not at all what one teenager expected; a small town suffers a biblical downpour; a captive Djinn longs for freedom; imprisoned by a demon, a princess endures a special kind of hell; an Irish priest hears a vampire’s confession of sins; Edgar Allan Poe’s words find a life of their own; an abused woman seeks to end her torment; hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa, a young boy witnesses the most horrible Christmas imaginable; a writer truly suffers for his art, and more! These stories range from fairy tale inspired dark fantasy to full-on hardcore screamers of the most graphic sort. Astutely introduced by fellow Australian author Brett McBean, VAUDEVILLE AND OTHER NIGHTMARES storms onto the horror stage with unflinching brio.” – THE TOMB OF DARK DELIGHTS


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  1. Vaudeville is great! The stories are so good you can’y wait t read the next one. Each new world is better than the last. And the characters are like people you meet everyday. I’ve got a new author to read and that’s great for me. Can’t wait to read more. Donna Alden Griffin

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