Nightmares unleashed!

My debut collection, Vaudeville and Other Nightmares, is now available in paperback from Black Beacon Books!

Selecting the 24 tales for this novel-length collection was a challenge, but I feel the tome will provide horror readers a broad scope of dark delights and maybe seed a few new nightmares of their own.

The print edition can be purchased via this LINK. The retail proice is $USD12.50 plus postage and handling. The digital edition is also available for pre-order from Smashwords for $USD4.99.

If you stay tuned to the official launch page on Facebook, you’ll soon see details of a very special competition to celebrate the release.

Early reviews for Vaudeville and Other Nightmares have been positive, and of course, my peers have also had some nice things to say:

“Greg Chapman is a new voice in horror and brings fresh angles to our genre, which too often recycles unoriginal stories. There is a cinematic quality to his storytelling, which lodges itself in your imagination, deepening the bold and disturbing tales he delivers. Approach Vaudeville and Other Nightmares with care and whatever you do, leave the lights on!” – Rocky Wood, Bram Stoker Award (R) winning author of Stephen King: A Literary Companion

 “I’ve been an unabashed fan of Greg Chapman’s extraordinary fiction since I read his first book, The Noctuary, and what I said about that book applies to all of his work – it’s elegant, violent, witty, and packs an emotional wallop. This collection should provide a feast for gourmets of horror who appreciate an artfully crafted, disturbing tale.” – Lisa Morton, multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author of Zombie Apocalypse: Washington Deceased

 Vaudeville and Other Nightmares is a murderer’s row of horror stories. Greg Chapman’s dark and original visions of ghosts, good versus evil, horrific entities, and worlds gone mad are inventive, chilling, and rich with unique imagery. An utterly irresistible collection.” – James Chambers, author of The Engines of Sacrifice and Three Chords of Chaos

You can also read an interview with me over at the BBB website.

I hope you’ll consider giving my collection a look as we get closer to the best time of year!


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Allure of the Ancients: The Collected Edition!

If you’re like me, you prefer your vampires to be blood-drenched rather than sparkly.

Well, after quite a few years and much formatting and reformatting, the collected edition of the vampire comic I co-created with Mark Farrugia – Allure of the Ancients: The Key to His Kingdom – has finally been unearthed over at Comixology!

Allure of the Ancients: The Key to His Kingdom was first published in the pages of Midnight Echo magazine. It’s a very unique take on the vampire myth and I had an absolute blast bringing it to life for Mark.

Allure of the Ancients: The Key to His Kingdom

It’s really worth your time and better still, you get all 50 pages of blood-drenched madness for just 99 cents.


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Recommended Reading

One of the best parts of the Bram Stoker Awards is that members of the Horror Writers Association get to recommend literary works that they have enjoyed. Some of them end up on the preliminary ballot and then go on further to win an award.

I feel that being on this list is an achievement in itself and better yet, it’s a great way to see what books are out there to be read. So whether you’re a writer or a reader, you really should check this list out if you’re looking for the next best thing!

The Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement

Other lists worth checking out include the Australian Shadows Awards, the Ditmar Awards and the Aurealis Awards.

2013 Australian Shadows Awards

2015 Ditmar eligibility list –

2015 Aurealis entries -

Now the only question that remains is how do I find the time and the money to read all these works? :)

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Read and Review Vaudeville promotion

Want the chance to read my short story collection, Vaudeville and Other Nightmares for FREE?

The people at ChoosyBookworm are running a promotion for my book, where I’m giving away 25 ebook copies, in exchange for an honest review.

For more info, head over to the book’s listing on their website:


Thanks for your interest!

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Year in Review

2014 has been a year of ups and downs, quite literally like a year at sea, as far as my art and writing is concerned.

Around December/January 2013, I had my short story Mother’s House, and a bunch of art published in Midnight Echo Magazine Issue 10, which was had been one of my goals for some time.

Later in January I was selected as the Featured Artist on the very popular website, The Horror Zine, by editor Jean Rector, which was real nice. You can check that out HERE.

81VYTINX6HL._SL1500_  91RNTytlAvL._SL1500_

In February/March, my art graced a whole bunch of covers for fellow authors, including Kit Power’s tale, The Loving Husband and the Faithful Wife, which was released by Black Beacon Books. In February, C. M. Saunders also released his collection X, and Daniel I. Russell’s God May Pity All Weak Hearts. Rissa Cortez also released her poetry collection, Voices of the Fallen.

I also created a whole bunch of cat cartoons for Anne Carmichael’s Magoo Who series, which you can buy HERE. Covers for Kit Power’s tale Lifeline, Black Beacon Books’ Subtropical Suspense and Daniel I. Russell’s On Writing Horror, were also made by yours truly.

subtropical-suspense  freak-show-draft-low-res

In April, Issue 30 of Lovecraft E-Zine was released and I provided some art for the King in Yellow themed issue.

My short story, The Fear Centre was published in Dark Eclipse Magazine #33

May was the big highlight for me. Not only did I get to take my first overseas trip to the United States, I also attended my first World Horror Convention. I ushered the late, great Rocky Wood, President of the Horror Writers Association, everywhere, meeting many of my awesome Facebook friends face-to-face, including my coven comrade, Lisa Morton. You can read my breakdown of the con HERE.


Throughout the year I also created a line of flyers and posters for the Horror Writers Association, to promote the 25th anniversary of the World Horror Convention, which will be held in 2015. Overall, I had a busy year creating art.


The biggest highlight as far as writing goes, was the publication of my collection, Vaudeville and Other Nightmares, by Black Beacon Books. The book aims to capture some of the best stories I’ve written since 2009. You can read a review HERE.


I also signed a contract with SST Publications to illustrate a one-shot comic written by Tom Piccirilli. The official announcement is HERE. I’ve also been locked in as a regular illustrator for Dark Discoveries Magazine, which is great and I’ll also be laying out Issue 11 of Midnight Echo Magazine, edited by Kaaron Warren in early 2015, so it’s all good, as far as art is concerned.

Next year I’m hoping to write more and see more of those tales published. Publication has been elusive this year, and in some ways so has my desire to write. But it only wants me to work harder. Perhaps some good news is on the horizon. I have words out there being read by editors and that’s always a good thing and ultimately what keeps me going.

As a great man once told me, “Keep Kicking Those Goals.”

I wish everyone the best in 2015! :)

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Witch Hunts art fundraiser

In honour of my late friend Rocky Wood, I’ve created some new original art inspired by the graphic novel Rocky, Lisa Morton and I created together, Witch Hunts.

I’m auctioning the art off to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease Australia. Lisa Morton has sweetened the deal by adding a copy of Witch Hunts, with a bookplate signed by all three of us.

Currently the highest bid stands at an amazing $350! Let’s raise some funds for research into this disease, which claims far too many lives each year.

For more information and to make a bid, follow this link to the original post on Facebook –

If you can’t bid, please do the next best thing and share it far and wide ;) Thank you!

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Rocky Wood: A Tribute

There will be a lot of posts and and comments like this about Rocky Wood today.

Sadly, this great man of horror and great man all round, has passed away after a four year battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

Official Site for Rocky Wood

Rocky was not only regarded as the world’s expert on Stephen King, having published several tomes on the author’s work, and the president of the Horror Writers Association, but he was also a father and grandfather, who had a lot of compassion for people. He was also an advocate for animals and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind on important issues. His Facebook feed was always full of insight and I admired his tenacity – oh, and he loved his All Blacks!

I feel extremely privileged to have known Rocky. Not only did I have the chance to work with him on our graphic novel Witch Hunts, with Lisa Morton, but I also benefitted directly from his wisdom and guidance, through the HWA. He was always supportive of my work, both writing and art and always encouraged me to “keep kicking goals”. He did this for everyone in the HWA horror community and really he has been the glue that has kept everyone together. Despite his illness, Rocky’s mind was always the driving force behind the HWA’s success.

Earlier this year, Rocky invited me to travel with him to the World Horror Convention in the United States as his helper. I helped push him in his wheelchair and with his feeding machine, among other things and I was proud to do so. Not having cared for someone in that condition I didn’t always get it right, but I’ll always remember how he told me I’d done a good job looking after him. Rocky I thank you for believing in me.

I wish I’d known you longer Rocky, and spent more time working with you, but I’m grateful for the times we had and the work we created together.

Thank you my friend, may you Rest In Peace.


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A grunt, a ballerina … and Tom Piccirilli!

Gangsters, guns, a grunt and a feisty girl, all together in a graphic novel one-shot, written by multi-award-winning author Tom Piccirilli.

Sounds pretty good, don’t it?

Yesterday Short, Scary Tales (SST) Publications announced a new graphic novel project that I will be illustrating – BULLET BALLERINA.


Written by the legendary Tom Piccirilli, this is a modern crime noir tale of revenge and retribution and two unlikely characters joining forces to reap mayhem on some bad guys!


I’ve already started roughing it out, but naturally I can’t reveal any artwork just yet. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun drawing this!

Check out SST Publications’ official announcement on their Facebook page.

Find out more about Tom Piccirilli HERE

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