Nightmares unleashed!

My debut collection, Vaudeville and Other Nightmares, is now available in paperback from Black Beacon Books!

Selecting the 24 tales for this novel-length collection was a challenge, but I feel the tome will provide horror readers a broad scope of dark delights and maybe seed a few new nightmares of their own.

The print edition can be purchased via this LINK. The retail proice is $USD12.50 plus postage and handling. The digital edition is also available for pre-order from Smashwords for $USD4.99.

If you stay tuned to the official launch page on Facebook, you’ll soon see details of a very special competition to celebrate the release.

Early reviews for Vaudeville and Other Nightmares have been positive, and of course, my peers have also had some nice things to say:

“Greg Chapman is a new voice in horror and brings fresh angles to our genre, which too often recycles unoriginal stories. There is a cinematic quality to his storytelling, which lodges itself in your imagination, deepening the bold and disturbing tales he delivers. Approach Vaudeville and Other Nightmares with care and whatever you do, leave the lights on!” – Rocky Wood, Bram Stoker Award (R) winning author of Stephen King: A Literary Companion

 “I’ve been an unabashed fan of Greg Chapman’s extraordinary fiction since I read his first book, The Noctuary, and what I said about that book applies to all of his work – it’s elegant, violent, witty, and packs an emotional wallop. This collection should provide a feast for gourmets of horror who appreciate an artfully crafted, disturbing tale.” – Lisa Morton, multiple Bram Stoker Award winning author of Zombie Apocalypse: Washington Deceased

 Vaudeville and Other Nightmares is a murderer’s row of horror stories. Greg Chapman’s dark and original visions of ghosts, good versus evil, horrific entities, and worlds gone mad are inventive, chilling, and rich with unique imagery. An utterly irresistible collection.” – James Chambers, author of The Engines of Sacrifice and Three Chords of Chaos

You can also read an interview with me over at the BBB website.

I hope you’ll consider giving my collection a look as we get closer to the best time of year!


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Witch Hunts art fundraiser

In honour of my late friend Rocky Wood, I’ve created some new original art inspired by the graphic novel Rocky, Lisa Morton and I created together, Witch Hunts.

I’m auctioning the art off to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease Australia. Lisa Morton has sweetened the deal by adding a copy of Witch Hunts, with a bookplate signed by all three of us.

Currently the highest bid stands at an amazing $350! Let’s raise some funds for research into this disease, which claims far too many lives each year.

For more information and to make a bid, follow this link to the original post on Facebook –

If you can’t bid, please do the next best thing and share it far and wide ;) Thank you!

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Rocky Wood: A Tribute

There will be a lot of posts and and comments like this about Rocky Wood today.

Sadly, this great man of horror and great man all round, has passed away after a four year battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

Official Site for Rocky Wood

Rocky was not only regarded as the world’s expert on Stephen King, having published several tomes on the author’s work, and the president of the Horror Writers Association, but he was also a father and grandfather, who had a lot of compassion for people. He was also an advocate for animals and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind on important issues. His Facebook feed was always full of insight and I admired his tenacity – oh, and he loved his All Blacks!

I feel extremely privileged to have known Rocky. Not only did I have the chance to work with him on our graphic novel Witch Hunts, with Lisa Morton, but I also benefitted directly from his wisdom and guidance, through the HWA. He was always supportive of my work, both writing and art and always encouraged me to “keep kicking goals”. He did this for everyone in the HWA horror community and really he has been the glue that has kept everyone together. Despite his illness, Rocky’s mind was always the driving force behind the HWA’s success.

Earlier this year, Rocky invited me to travel with him to the World Horror Convention in the United States as his helper. I helped push him in his wheelchair and with his feeding machine, among other things and I was proud to do so. Not having cared for someone in that condition I didn’t always get it right, but I’ll always remember how he told me I’d done a good job looking after him. Rocky I thank you for believing in me.

I wish I’d known you longer Rocky, and spent more time working with you, but I’m grateful for the times we had and the work we created together.

Thank you my friend, may you Rest In Peace.


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A grunt, a ballerina … and Tom Piccirilli!

Gangsters, guns, a grunt and a feisty girl, all together in a graphic novel one-shot, written by multi-award-winning author Tom Piccirilli.

Sounds pretty good, don’t it?

Yesterday Short, Scary Tales (SST) Publications announced a new graphic novel project that I will be illustrating – BULLET BALLERINA.


Written by the legendary Tom Piccirilli, this is a modern crime noir tale of revenge and retribution and two unlikely characters joining forces to reap mayhem on some bad guys!


I’ve already started roughing it out, but naturally I can’t reveal any artwork just yet. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun drawing this!

Check out SST Publications’ official announcement on their Facebook page.

Find out more about Tom Piccirilli HERE

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It’s “Halloweek”!


Halloween Week will be a busy one for me, with my family and I hosting a graveyard display and a series of events to promote the release of my collection, Vaudeville and Other Nightmares.


If you’re reading this, and you’re from Rockhampton, then you can come along on October 29 to meet me at the Rockhampton Regional Library, where I’ll host a bit an informal open mike session on writing. More details HERE.

On Thursday October 30 – Halloween Eve – I’ll be having a signing event for my collection at the CQUniversity Bookshop from 12 noon. Visit the Bookshop’s website for more information.

Then on Halloween, after Trick or Treating around the neighbourhood with my kids, I’ll be heading to the Southside Cemetery for a Halloween Walk with Rockhampton Ghost Tours. I might even read a spooky tale while I’m there.

I hope to meet you at one of these events!

So all in all, it’s going to be an amazing week and one I’ll never forget! Happy Halloween to you!

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Tell the best damn story you can

I’m not going to pretend that I know everything about writing and publishing, but since my first publication in 2009, I’ve learned many lessons about the craft.

This past week I’ve seen a few authors worrying about the mechanics of publishing, specifically copy-editing and proofreading. This is important, but not as important as STORY. For me, plot, characters, and theme are what makes a good story. The blow-by-blow editing comes after, as a necessary evil to ensure that the plot, characters and theme come together seamlessly. But without a good story as the foundation, the editing is going to become torture.

So, if I’m able to impart anything about editing, it’s this: first and foremost, sit down and write the best possible STORY you can and worry about the editing when it’s time to edit. Get the first draft down. Leave it. Let it breathe, like a bottle of wine. Then maybe send it on to some trusted beta readers for feedback. Take that feedback as constructive criticism and nothing more, and if need be, rewrite. Don’t be afraid to rewrite. Don’t be afraid to hack and slash. I like to edit as I go, re-reading the previous passage or chapter before starting a new one. It keeps me focused on the plot, characters and theme. But this is how I do it. In the end, you should write for yourself, tell the story you want to tell, or would like to read. Then it will be honest. You’re a storyteller, not an editor and that’s why publishers have editors.

Write your story. Live it. Love it. I wish you all the best with it.

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Halloween Haunts and Horror Selfies!

It’s October and you know what that means – all the horror writers come out to play.

Right now the Horror Writers Association is getting into the swing of things by launching its annual Halloween Haunts blog series and now Horror Selfies.

Horror authors from around the world are pushing the literacy bandwagon by encouraging people to pick up a horror book to enjoy.

I contributed my Horror Selfie HERE. I’m a bit scary-looking, but hey, I’m a horror writer :)

I’ll also be participating in Halloween Haunts later in the month with a blog post about how I am celebrating Halloween in Australia – a country which is only just catching on to the fun.

Head over to the Halloween Haunts blogsite to read some very inspiring articles to get you in the mood for Halloween!

Another initiative, started by Neil Gaiman, is All Hallow’s Read, which encourages people to give someone a horror book as a gift on Halloween.

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