“A truly disturbing tale of horror and twisted minds. If you live on the same street as Hollow House – MOVE!” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Ghostwalkers and Patient Zero

“The real hauntings in Greg Chapman’s compelling, unnerving Hollow House don’t happen in the title structure, but in the finely-observed families surrounding it. This unusual, sometimes horrifying and sometimes tragic tale may well make you look at your own neighborhood in a whole new (dark) light. Highly recommended!” – Lisa Morton, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Castle of Los Angeles

“With his debut novel, Greg Chapman takes the standard haunted house trope and puts it through a bloody ringer. Hollow House, an engrossing yet horrifying tale about that nondescript, near-to-condemned house-next-door we have all encountered at some point in our lives, joyfully reeks of the dark memories of Poe and Lovecraft. A first-rate thriller, don’t read this one alone, or in the deep of night, because that creak you hear might be more than just the old bones of your house settling. Yes, it might be much more.” Brian W. Matthews, author of Forever ManRevelation, and The Conveyance.

“A real page-turner, packed full of powerful horror imagery…” – Mark Smith-Briggs, Chronos Award-winning author

“As pure a slice of American Gothic as you will ever find, with Robert Bloch and Stephen King never far away.” – Glam Adelaide Magazine

Hollow House is much more than a simple haunted house story…this is a dark and gruesome tale, with an ever-increasing creep factor.” – Frank Michaels Errington, Horrible Book Reviews

Hollow House is Chapman’s first novel. It promises much, and it delivers on its promises. Traditional yet unconventional, familiar in details yet eerily different and twisted, it does something entirely different with the Bad House…and makes it much Worse.” – Collings Notes

“A nightmarish exploration of free will and the power of words. Chapman has delivered a frightening read.” – Kaaron Warren author of The Grief Hole

“Greg Chapman shows once again why he’s at the forefront of Australian horror. Pandemonium is a heady mix of psychological thriller and supernatural scares that is sure to satisfy. You’d be insane not to pick up a copy.” – Daniel I. Russell, author of Entertaining Demons

The Noctuary is one of those stories that pushes the boundaries of storytelling, self-referential and recursive, at times self-consciously oblique, at other times frighteningly clear and precise. Once captured, the reader has no choice but to continue, to hold out hope in a world increasingly depicted as without any hope at all. Highly recommended.” – Collings Notes

“The Noctuary: Pandemonium is a visceral, chilling read. Good stuff. Highly recommended.” – Gene O’Neill, author of Lethal Birds and Frozen Shadows

“THE NOCTUARY: PANDEMONIUM is definitely a demonic and psychological read. I hope Greg Chapman expands on this universe. My jaw hit the floor more than once while reading this book. I don’t know what took me so long to read this author, but I need to read the rest of his work.” – Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews

“It would be easy to dismiss The Noctuary: Pandemonium as an excuse for some slasher fiction, but the device of the reality-altering book ultimately gives it the edge and makes it a satisfying read.” – Glam Adelaide Magazine