The Book of Tribes – a celebration of Clive Barker’s Cabal Cut

Earlier this year I was invited to contribute a few art pieces to a special publication to commemorate the screening of The Cabal Cut of Clive Barker’s film Nightbreed.

The Book of Tribes, which is limited to just 15 copies, arrived in the post today and it’s a gorgeous piece of work by Barker devotee, Steve Dillon, of Melbourne.

I created two pieces – a black and white ink drawing of some of the Nightbreed characters and a watercolour illustration to accompany one of Steve’s stories. Not only that, there is also artwork by some of the best artists from around the world, including art by the man himself, Clive Barker, Paul Kane, Matt Taylor and many more. The look and feel of the oversized book, with its leather cover and glossy paper, just took my breath away. I never dreamed I would share a table of contents with Clive Barker, so to say that I’m chuffed would be an understatement.

I’d like to congratulate Steve Dillon and all the people who created this wonderful book and for treating my artwork so kindly. It truly is a labour of love.

The screening, which was held in Melbourne on August 9, 2013 was apparently a success. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but I’m still very honoured to have been a part of it.

Nightbreed is so much more than a horror film, it’s a film about discrimination, about the very nature of evil; how human nature can be so much more monstrous than any creature that lurks in the dark. The Cabal Cut will be screened around the world over the next few months. If you’re fortunate enough to have the chance to see it, then don’t hesitate. Let the Tribes of the Moon embrace you!

Below are some photos I took of the interior of The Book of Tribes. Enjoy.

book-of-tribes2 book-of-tribes3 book-of-tribes5 book-of-tribes6 book-of-tribes7 book-of-tribes8 book-of-tribes1 book-of-tribes4

And here’s the original artwork I created:


About darkscrybe

I am a dark fiction author and artist from Central Queensland, Australia. I've penned four novellas: Torment, The Noctuary, Vaudeville and The Last Night of October. I also illustrated the Bram Stoker Award-winning graphic novel, Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times.
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